Football Papi Sports Water Bottle White 20oz

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Size: Sports Water Bottle 20oz

Drink more water. Your skin, hair, body, and mind will appreciate it. And with quality water bottles now fully customizable, even your sense of style will appreciate it much.

Dang, hydration never feels so good! The Sports Water Bottle (20oz) top screw lid fits on standard cup holders. Its design minimizes taste-retention and residue buildup.

The aluminum lining ensures hygenic and crisp sip every time. Its sturdy, extruded aluminum design ensures its durability, will be your favourite bottle for years to come.

Why toss out yet another plastic bottle or let plastic chemicals leach into your water when you could use a stylish, timeless bottle instead?

  • Height 6.7", diameter 2.5", 20oz

  • The aluminum water bottle is coated with metallic non-toxic layer and comes with the standard SIGG black top screw lid.

  • No Weird Taste: Non-toxic, baked-on inner lining that does not impart odors or tastes.

  • Light-Weight but Strong: Weighs no more than a plastic water bottle.

  • Leak-Proof: Seamless construction made from one complete piece of pure aluminum.

  • Cup surface printing excluding cup lid, double-sided symmetrical printing.

  • Recyclable: Pure aluminum bottle is recyclable.

  • Hand wash only. Not recommended for dishwasher.

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